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Welcome to the Addiction Counselor Training School. We provide training for individuals wanting to become chemical dependency counselors. Our classes contain the curriculum required by the State of Texas to obtain licensure as an LCDC – Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Our goal is to support and empower the individuals that are dedicated to working with the recovering addict.

Houston’s Addiction Counselor Training School (ACTS) offers students a fast-track (12 weeks) approach to completing the classroom portion of the Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) education process.

ACTS also helps students complete the Practicum (300 hours in as little as 8 weeks), register with the State of Texas, and pass the exam. Students receive all the training and assistance necessary for obtaining licensure as an LCDC Intern as required by the State of Texas.

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    "Our mission is to empower the addiction recovery field by educating leaders
    while fostering excellence in every arena."

    The Addiction Counselor Training School educates students in the basics of chemical dependency counseling. In addition to classroom instruction, the guidance in the licensure process is invaluable. Below are the steps to become an LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor) in Texas. ACTS works with you and offers advice every step of the way.

    Becoming an LCDC

    1. Complete the LCDC Classroom Training (6 classes, 12 weeks total – full time or 8 weeks part-time).
      • For an outline of the material taught in each of the 6 classes, see the Curriculum.
    2. Complete the LCDC Practicum (300 hours in as little as 8 weeks).
      • A practicum provides field-based learning at a substance abuse treatment services facility (usually unpaid).
      • The practicum includes an education component with class activities.
    3. Apply to Texas Health and Human Services for LCDC Internship.
    4. Begin a paid internship.
    5. Take and pass the LCDC Licensure Exam.
      • Test preparation course is not necessary but is offered for students that would like a refresher course or have difficulty testing. Find out details about Test Preparation.
    6. Complete a degree if you do not already have one. A minimum of an Associate’s degree is required. The Texas licensing board allows up to 5 years to complete a degree after registering as a LCDC Intern. A degree can be in any field.

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